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Ways to help animals in Okanogan County

  • Update animal control codes and ordinances to better protect and serve animals, pet owners and the public in general.

  • Encourage community members to spay/neuter (alter) their pets.

  • Advocate additional funding for Animal Control Officers, facilities and resources.

  • Provide monetary reimbursement for care of animals brought to local rescues.

  • Amplify the work rescues are doing and support them through fundraisers, matching donations, work day events, adoption events, etc.

  • Contact state and local officials and ask for funds to be allocated for domestic animal issues.

  • Volunteer at a shelter.

  • Foster animals in your home and encourage others to do so.

  • Reach out to local rescues and ask how you can help.

  • Friend the Facebook pages of Rescues and Lost & Found animals and Share!

  • Offer your professional services: Rescues need veterinarians, lawyers, accountants, carpenters, etc.

  • Pick up and/or report animals running loose or injured.

  • Adopt a new pet….or two :)

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