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Charity assists animal rescues

Earlier this year, Team Okanogan Animal Welfare group coordinated the distribution of dog and cat food to local animal rescues and foster homes serving Okanogan County.

Team Okanogan worked with Greater Good Charities of Seattle to obtain a 10,000-pound donation of food. With the help of gracious volunteer drivers, this pet food was transported to Omak where it was offloaded with the assistance of Home Depot’s equipment and employees.

Animal rescue workers and volunteers helped unload, sort, stack and distribute food into vehicles where it could be sent on its way to feed the mouths of hundreds of hungry dogs and cats.

Caso’s Country Foods donated hot coffee and treats to keep the volunteers fueled up and warm during this labor-intensive food distribution.

A pet food donation of this size will go a long way in feeding the excessive number of animals in the care of rescue workers and foster families.

Local rescues are in desperate need of more foster homes, more adopters, and more financial assistance to purchase supplies for the large number of animals they are caring for.

Stay tuned for more from Team Okanogan Animal Welfare group as they work to improve the lives of our furry friends.

Story by Okanagan Living:

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